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Seminar on the interpretation of the Yellow Emperor texts

Seminar on the interpretation of the Yellow Emperor texts

Seminar from Marlyse Scweizer:

Program of the weekend of 22-23 October 2016: The organs ( zang ) , their functions and their correspondence as the Yellow Emperor ( Nei Jing and Suwen Lingshu ) , and Universe body of ancient Chinese .

The theoretical presentation will be cut with practical exercises that allow to understand more concretely what the texts say .


Biography of Mrs. Schweizer Marlyse

Marlyse is shiatsu practitioner and teacher and hypnosis Ericksonian . Graduated in shiatsu in 1984 , she collaborated with Yuichi Kawada in Brussels from 1981 to 1996 .
She followed for ten years the courses given by Fr. Larre sj and Elisabeth Rochat of the valley on the study of Chinese ancients texts of medicine, " Classic Yellow Emperor ".
It also fully trained in hypnosis Ericksonian the Belgian Institute with Milton H. Erickson Thierry Melchior , Yves Doutrelugne and Gerald Brassine .
Back in Lausanne in 1996, she worked in the office of psychiatrist and " savanturier " Bertrand Piccard .
Continuing her research on the bridges that connect the Eastern tradition and modern hypnosis , she completed a post-graduate training at the University of Lausanne (DEA on altered states of consciousness )


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22st October - 23rd November

This course is open to all students and shiatsu practitioners and anyone interested in Chinese thought

address : 192 avenue de Tervuren  1150 BXL
hour :  09h00 - 12h00/ 14h00-17h00

Tarif: 210€


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